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Thursday, December 25, 2014

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Trickle Up Economic Theory in a Nutshell, by Lyndon J Taylor


If you read the story posted below, laughed at the story or  like some or most of the ideas presented in the story, pass it on to a friend. I do have a plan for an economic revolution, that must, must be, a completely peaceful one. I do not advocate the overthrow of the Chinese government or the American Government. I've  been just day dreaming about this system for about about 10 years, and its called trickle up economic theory, and it mixes evenly capitalism, communism, and socialism. It tries to take the best ideas of each while weeding out the horrible injustices of all three. This wholly fictional Violin Trade war (posted below) is completely made up but based on truth although I take a lot of liberties "reporting".

 If you're a believer in God or simply believe in goodness, this political system is based on the teachings of Jesus and the Buddha, if all men are created equal in the eyes of God, why shouldn't they be treated as equally as possible by the government.  It basically makes the things we need or absolutely have to have for survival free or very cheap. And the things we can live without, that waste our time, that ruin our health, and destroy our environment,  much more expensive so we can use the extra money(through VAT type taxes) to subsidize or make cheaper the things we absolutely have to have (like food, water, lodging and basic medical care). It may well come to go along with the complete elimination of income taxes and an introduction of very high sales taxes on some items, no taxes on many or most items and subsidies that pay producers and stores to make necessities available for  free or very little. It doesn't require any amendment to the constitution just the exposure of the message to the leaders and members of congress, where long consideration of its likelihood of success,  and slow introduction  of its policies which of course may or may not ever succeed. It will be up to the voters, the american people to  decide how much if any of this system they want for America; no crash of the stock market, no dramatic  turnover in congress. 

I want to make it very clear, this is not a  Democratic plan, this is not a Republican plan,  I personally like some of the things Republicans stand for and some of the things Democrats stand for. Presidents I like  have been Lyndon Johnson,  Richard Nixon, and Jimmy Carter, presidents I have hated have been Ronald Reagan,  Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, and I thoroughly renounce the idea and refuse to support the idea of creating any new party or independent movement: There are going to be Democrats who like my ideas, and Republicans;  some or other parts of my ideas. Each party is going to be able to get together carefully very slowly decide,  what if anything they like about  "Lyndonism" and experiment with a partial step by step introduction of the plan,  it may well take 50 or a hundred years;  Hopefully the first test of the plan would be the introduction of free  food at the 99c store and  something like Del Taco, and some selected items at supermarkets free for everyone,  payed, for by a higher sales tax on what.... the people and the politicians will decide by voting what  "bad"   consumer products to tax:For example to pay for the free food, it could be pay more for cigarettes to pay for food, or pay more for alcohol to get free food, or pay more for pornography to  get free food, or legalize  and pay much much more for marijuana, that alone would almost pay for free food. The voters and the  politicians they elect will vote on what the worst products for us are,  by majority rule, then calculate how  high the taxes will have to be, or how many items get taxed to pay for the free food etc, that's all I've got for now, maybe well have a chapter two,.........It may well solve the unemployment problem in the US as there are simply not enough jobs to go around, more people would choose not to work or work less,  mostly the lazy ones that aren't good for business anyway. This could free up the available jobs to hard working talented  people addicted to the more expensive products that are taxed. Expensive possessions will be for the workers, but the poor who want to work will be much better off than they are now, and those that cant work or don't want to work will be much better off. As for the rich, I don't think much will change for the worse from this plan because in the long run it will lower their taxes, this isn't a plan that soaks the rich to pay for the poor, it should  benefit everyone. One of the cheapest most affordable products in America today are illegal drugs, my plan  is to find a way to legalize and dramatically tax and raise the price of drugs, so that you wont be able to afford to do too much, unless you're working and working hard.

Sunday, October 31, 2010




     Posted Yesterday, 10:31 PM

AP. 10.29.10 LOS ANGELES


An obscure southern californian violin restorer by the name of Lyndon
Taylor has declared war on the Chinese violin industry and aims to do it by
convincing people not to buy Chinese violins, at the same time selling
overpriced antique mostly german violins to naive unsuspecting Chinese
citizens. The reason for his one man war; Chinas Selling below cost,
flooding the market, shoddy workmanship, and most importantly PAYING
MUCH LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE not to mention lack of health benefits for
the Chinese "slaves" that assemble the violins 24/7 which he claims is
damaging the ears of young players and turning them off to classical music.

Lyndon Taylor, who calls him self a christian and a buddhist heavily
indoctrinated by the Tibetan Freedom movement, says he is against
involving the military as he is basically anti-war, but he is a radical
that beleives a total economic embargo of Chinese products may not be a
bad idea, but he devoutly states "Im not against the Chinese people, or
even their government, its violins Chinese violins that I hate so much,
not the people. But Lyndons hatred of other countries or at least their
violins goes way back to the 80s where it was the Germans he had the
gripe with. To quote him from a statement he made on;
"The introduction of kiln dried wood, and the beginning use of power
tools, mostly in German factories around 1900 was the death of violin
making as we know it" But ironically Chinese violins are usually made
with air dried wood and hand made without power tools, but Lyndon doesnt
care he hates them anyway.

No word yet on how he plans to carry out his threat, but its not an idle
threat, Lyndon has connections to the so called "violin mafia", a
consortium a world wide violin makers and restorers that work on the
high end super expensive violins and are worth Billions of dollars in
todays economy. Lyndon aims to convince members that they are making "a
pact with the devil" as he calls it when they break down and start
selling Chinese violins alongside their more expensive German, French
and Italian masterpieces.

Since the declaration of war this morning reports from China have been
spotty at best, and no word from the leadership but there obviously
aware of the problem because its all over the wire, however we were able
to contact a Chinese violin maker in Xiang province by the name of Lu
Xioping who made this statement; "Im mad and angry, this damn yankee
wants to put me out of business when I work for 35c an hour, I slaved
away at the big factory outside shangahi for 10 years at 10c an hour to
learn what im doing, now I hand make my violins, at least me and my
family of 150, my violins are considered the best in the district, and I
only get $200 for my violins, my boss because hes the only one who
speaks english sells them on ebay for $799. then they pop up at stores
with fake labels for 3000-5000 US dollars, whats fair about that, the
americans make all the money when im working for nothing, my hope is to
raise the prices and make more money, I dont even like violins or violin
music, the obnoxious grating sounds they make get on my nerves, but I do
want to be a better violin maker, I want to make violins like
stradivarius, and be considered the stradivarius of China and live in a
big house like he did, I dont want to listen to violins, I dont want to
hear violins, I just want to make a lot of money............." at this
point the interviewer had to cut him off because he was rambling(thanks
to Ben Jahwang for the translation from the Chinese)

Well there you have it, what a story, one man, one mission, a war
against Chinese violins, who would have known........................

Posted Yesterday, 11:46 PM This was being posted live on the internet on

Disclaimer: hi this is lyndon and you wont be hearing much from me in
this thread, its sort of like War of the Worlds, for maestronet, to
spice things up a bit as they do get boring. I want to make it very
clear that this is in no way condones any physical violence of any kind
towards China ,Chinese people, or the buyers and sellers of Chinese
products. I am against the government of China, in favour of complete
freedom for Tibet, my principal objective if i could do anything would
be to restore religious freedom to the Chinese people, and preserve all
the good points of the old communist system, which are going out with
the bathwater in todays more capitalistic China.

Call this post a satire, maybe itll even be picked up by the onion,com
(fictitional comedy news stories) But this is not sarcastic, or not true,
just fantastical in the form of made up press releases and done in the
second person,  with some fiction but mostly my true feelings. basically
Im calling for a Boycott of Chinese violins, in the interest of furthering
the health of the american and worldwide violin industry in general, and
that part is pure non fiction, sincere and heartfelt. Judging Chinese
violins on their appearance and sound without considering the suffering
that goes into them is not wise, Kind of like those who want to ban fur,
too much suffering for too little pleasure, thank you Lyndon

Posted Today, 12:40 AM BEIJING


In this rapidly developing story, rumours, news and panic are spreading
quickly across China, any kind of economic embargo against China is one
of Chinas biggest fears in a tight economy, where billions are being
poured into their space program and the race to Mars, while the peasants
are no better off than they ever were. Our research indicates that
violins make up a very small percentage of the Chinese economy, but as
one Chinese diplomat who wanted to remain anonymous explained to me
"first its a boycott of violins, then guitars,  then cars, then weapons next
thing you know its everything we sell in america, I tell you, well turn
your 99c stores into $10 stores if you mess with us, were going to make
bigger and better and bader violins until you americans cant live with
out them, and then guess what? the price starts going up and up just
like walmart" Well those are fighting words from the Chinese diplomat,
he must be really po'd about walmart moving to China, and Lyndons plot.

Well the Chinese government has moved swiftly and banned
from the Chinese internet. Maestronet is probably the world largest chat
room for violin makers, repairman and afficianados, hundreds of Chinese
violin makers were surfing maestronet to glean information from mostly
american violin makers, so this move to ban maestronet may backfire for
the Chinese as it cuts off needed information from their top violin
makers, who live in a virtual vaccuum of information about how to build
a good violin.

On the American side, the federal government has made no official
statement, but an official privately told me " were just laughing our
heads off at the whole thing, how could one man start a war, albeit an
economic war, no ones going to listen to him, hes a lunatic, we love our
relationship with China, we pay them pennys for things we sell for
dollars, its all about profit and money, god knows we need a lot of that
here in america in this economy, i mean were in a war with muslims not
communists like China, do you know it costs $100,000 just to kill one
Taliban, and we have to kill thousands, its expensive to kill a lot of
people, but were really good at it, in fact Id like to say were the
best, no one kills better than a US marine, except perhaps a US air
force fighter bomber pilot...."at this point we had to stop him as he
was rambling.

While the american official claim there not going to do anything about
Lyndon Taylors one man war, reports from the southern california port of
San Pedro, where much of the Chinese imports first touch american soil, 
have seen swarms of US customs agents quarantining and examining cargo
containers of Chinese violins, customs agents were reported to be
looking for three things; slipping pegs, poorly fit bridges and lead
containing chinese strings, customs agents were not able to play the
violins to see if they were defective because they were in the word of
one customs agent "unplayable Chinese crap" Speaking off the record, one
customs agent told us they found the bill of sale on one cargo container
which contained 1200 chinese violins, violas and cellos with a declared
value of only $14000, thats only $12 a violin, and that comes with a bow
and a case"

well thats all the reports for now, but something here smells like dead
fish, if the Chinese exporter sells it for $12, then the factory in
China gets$6 or less, at 40 hrs to make one violin, thats 15c an hour,
how much does that buy in the new much more expensive China...
maybe our readers could comment

Posted Today, 01:39 AM

AP 10.30.10 LONDON


Noted violin virtuoso Gilead Galain of Ireland, was in the hospital
thursday after taking too many sleeping pills from slipping into severe
depression after mangling Tchaikovskys first violin concerto in his
debut performance with the London Philharmonic orchestra. A horrible
sequence of events, His pride and joy, a 300,000 Italian violin on loan
to him from a noted collecter was stolen at knifepoint on the subway on
his way to the concert, but the thief kindly left him with his back up
violin, a cheap chinese import he used for outdoor performances, in a
horrible state of mind without his violin, and being offered a fine
$50,000 german violin by a gracious member of the second violin section,
he refused it and insisted on playing his Chinese violin because he said he was
more familiar with it, as he started to play his solo, the violin didn't
sound very good but his playing was great, however when the orchestra
came in you had trouble hearing him, and it seemed he was having trouble
hearing himself,as he hit a few wrong notes and this bewildered him,
then it was like, the light, the people, the huge orchestra, he started
playing worse and worse, and then to top things off his violin peg slips
on the A string and suddenly hes stuck playing Tchaikovsky on three
strings. he started crying, and finally stopped and had to be led of
stage devastated, it was the violin, it was the violin he kept muttering
as he blamed the low quality Chinese violin for his poor performance.

Gilead has a history of depression, but with the modern miracle of
medication, had been able to have a wildly successful career as a
concert violinist, but even the best player would have trouble soloing
for the London Philharmonic on a cheap Chinese violin, in this reporters
opinion, the good news, an apprentice at J and A Beare in London spotted
the stolen violin at a pawn shop selling for 300GBP, took it to his boss
who realized it was the stolen violin. Beares contacted the hospital,
who said Gilead is doing fine, but he may not be playing his Chinese
violin much longer as they are taking his Cremonese instrument to the
hospital to cheer him up, good luck Gilead well be rooting for you.

Posted Today, 04:01 AM  SCOTLAND


In this report coming out of Scotland, we have disturbing news that
Lyndon Taylor the upstart leader of a fringe faction of the "violin
Mafia" that wants to end competition from lower priced Chinese imported
violins, by encouraging its members to boycott Chinese products, is a
radical left wing socialist, preaching God fearing communism he calls
it, And a term he invented.Trickle up economic theory; The more you give
to the poor, they spend it at businesses that employ the middle class
and owned by the rich, so because the poor spend their money straight
away it very quickly trickles up to the rich, at least this is what
Lyndon Taylor was talking about over ten years ago. This information
comes from Graham Welsh the owner operator of in
Scotland who talked to Lyndon this morning and I quote Graham;

"I talked to Lyndon after reading this story on maestronet, and asked
him if he was taking his medication, and he swore to me he was, I asked
him what he was doing up so early, he claimed he woke up at 2pm and had
only been awake for 14 hrs, I hope what he says is true, because when
Lyndon gets less sleep than a normal person, he becomes shall I put
it,"less than normal" i mean Lyndon has a mental illness and can make up
some bizarre very strange stories when he gets that way. He told me this
morning that one of his crazy fantasies years ago was to invade China to
overthrow the government, for little more reason than restore religion
to the buddhist people of China, something like that. But this time was
different, he seems quite manic, but hes making perfect sense, he
doesn't just care about violins but aspires to be a world leader, not a
politician, that introduces a new form of government, providing free
basic food, cheap dormitory lodging, and free primitive health care like
was offered in 1960 or 70, to every single citizen rich or poor, and to
pay for it by massive VAT taxes on things that are bad for you, bad for
the environment, or just plain luxuries, that are not necessary for
happiness. Then if you want state of the art medical care, the latest
technology you have to pay a lot more for it, and another cheaper health
plan that doesn't cover the most expensive treatments for the middle
class. He claims paying for free health care for everyone would bankrupt
the government in America, but that we're plenty rich enough to feed,
clothe, house and give some medical care to every american, well i
paraphrase but this is what Lyndon said to me, me thinks Lyndon is
pulling a fast one on you, manufacturing this whole war with China
thing, then pop he hits you with his communist philosophy and
well............. i wish him the best

frightening isnt it an avowed communist, declaring war on China, but
secretly harbouring thoughts of overthrowing US government and installing
a laxidasical Swedish style utopia, where everyone lives like
vegetables, in this reporters opinion I was wrong, this is war, and it
has to be stopped, I propose everyone that opposes this diabolical plan
rush out and buy every Chinese violin you can get your hands on, any
thing you can do to stop Lyndon Taylor from getting any power, every
dollar you spend on a Chinese violin is one less dollar for socialism,
and one more dollar for the good old american way, and dont worry about
those commie chinks making any money off the violins, we practically
steal them from them, 90% of the cost of your Chinese violin stays here in america,
land of the free, where the money belongs..........

8.55 saturday  WASHINGTON DC


Reports of widespread rioting and kaos in China are greatly exaggerated,
the trade war started by megalomaniac violin dealer Lyndon Taylor continues
but the Chinese are calm, China News Service reports only one small incident
some drunken violin factory employees chanting "we wont buy american
violins" (part of Lyndons plan is to convince Chinese to buy European
violins) broke into the factory owners office and stole his most precious
possesions,  some expensive European violins he used to copy and show
the factory workers what a true violin sounded like. In fact he used to
torment his workers by playing his priceless antiques next to the factorys
violins, shouting, see how bad your violins sound compares to this, see
how lazy you must be, see how better, much better you have to get and
then just maybe Ill be willing to pay the 15c/hr you ask for but dont
deserve, as much as the workers hated their owner the hated the
violins more because they were good, so good in fact that they made
their violins sound worthless by comparison. In a drunken frenzy the
workers smashed the European violins and burned them in a huge
bonfire, police forces had to be called in and most of the revelers were
quickly arrested, the penalty for burning and stealing property in China,
you don't want to ask....

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, as word spread among the right wingers
that buying Chinese violins could help stop the spread of "Lyndonism"
as Sarah Palin called it, Republicans, tea party members lined up,
camped out and made huge demonstrations outside major Los Angeles
violin shops, chanting loudly we want violins, Chinese violins, sell us
youre best Chinese violins. At Hans Weisshaar in Hollywood 200
people showed up and police in riot gear had to be called in to control
traffic as the demonstrators spilled into the street. Across the street
a small group of pacifists gathered yelled at by the crowd, holding
hands. praying, asked for a statement their leader Gloria Aldred
spoke, we dont want to buy Chinese violins, we dont even play
violins, we love the Chinese and but we love their cheap products
more,  we dont want a war, even if it is only a trade war, we dont
want a war only peace all over the earth, we like things just the way
they are, at this time I noticed the pungent smell of marijuana
and decided to get in my car and get the hell out of there, this is
crazy, buying Chinese violins to try and save capitalism and the
American way of life, I mean this is China, communist China were
talking about the country that was going to attack America
and was the beast in revelation to most Christians 10 yrs ago.

Finally reports in Washington are much better, in poor black
neighborhoods no one lining up to buy Chinese violins, noone
could afford them, of course there were tea party members
camped out in front of violin shops waiting for them to open but
many of them wore suit and tie, and the women were dressed
to the hilt, no shouting, placards  or disorderly conduct, just
wealthy wealthy almost exclusively white conservatives ready
to buy anything Chinese they can get their hands on, the only
support Lyndon was  getting was one vocal supporter pacing
his sign back and forth in front of the White house "MORE FREE
CHINA< THEYLL DO JUST FINE, obviously  he must  have seen
this story on the maestronet violin forum before the moderator
so unceremoniously deleted the whole thing, the story will be
heard at least if this reporter has anything to do with it, I mean
you cant have  a war were nobody comes, and not hear anything
about it, can you?, END CHAPTER ONE


REUTERS   Amsterdam

Hello my name is Ork Stroersgard and this is a report on the trade war against Chinese violins and the anti religious government of China, declared by megalomaniac violin dealer Lyndon Taylor just three days ago.  Most people made a big mistake, thinking Lyndon's plan was limited to violins and didn't focus on his bigger plan; drawing attention to his political opinions which are something like a born again Christian Carl Marx.      (to read got to user name Left wing trickle up economic theory)They were dead wrong   thinking he was only trying to find ways to make less competition for expensive European instruments he and his colleauges possess, the notorious violin mafia, whos wealth is on par with the Sicilian mafia in some countries.

A violin that took maybe 200hrs for Stradivari to build in 1710, 300yrs ago, is worth on average 3 million USD in todays economy. Stradivari and a couple assistants produced around 2000-3000 instruments of which about 1000 are identified and survive today. That's a production 9 billion USD worth of the finest hand made, magic formula varnished sweetest sounding musical instrument in the world, working in today's dollars for 3million divided by 200 equals $15,000/hr, Does Bill Gates make that much???????????????????

Lyndon's economic plan or Lyndonism as Sarah Palin called it, has never been tried and may not actually work, but it looks interesting on paper, its kind of like Socialism with a lot of right wing capatalistic elements, like eliminating taxes, fighting drugs, and complete religious freedom, and he literally believes evolution is made up by atheists to fight against Christianity or something like that. What if anything Lyndons policy would do for Holland is a complete unknown, we're already Socialist and economists here believe the elimination of taxes would paralyze our economy, stimulate the black market, with  huge increase in crime if the fight with drugs is taken literally, on the other hand most Dutch are fed up with drugs especially heroin and speed, and some kind of tax on these products might go through parliment fairly quickly.

Lyndon can be delusional but he may be right: